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The Great Dismal Distillery, established in 2008, produces Silver Fox Premium Vodka, Silver Fox Light Rum and Bourbon in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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Premium Quality

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Premium Vodka
Light Rum
SilverFox White Rum is a clear, colorless rum that boasts citrus flavors with notes of vanilla that provide a light bodied smoothness that can't be beat.
Premium Vodka
Distilled 3 times for smoothness, SilverFox Vodka gives you a premium 90 proof vodka at an affordable price.
Premium Bourbon
Silverfox Bourbon is aged in American White Oak Barrels that are charred to a Medium toast. This produces a smooth whiskey with notes of toasted caramel and vanilla, that ends in a light finish.


Born in Hampton Roads

Zachary Combs recalls as a child watching his grandparents ferment grain to power the tractor on their small farm in the Fentress area of Chesapeake. What was left over, his grandmother turned into liquor.

More than 30 years later, Combs is using his grandmother's recipe to produce his Silver Fox brand of vodka, rum and bourbon.

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